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It may be hard to believe, but I am not the only person in the world who likes astronomy. There are thousands of us out there! Each is unique. Everyone has different interests. Some like to take pictures with ordinary DSLR cameras and others prefer using advanced Charged Coupled Devices (CCD). There are even a very few of us that are fortunate enough to get paid for studying the universe. Some of us just like to look up to the night sky and wonder what makes it all go. I hope you take the time and explore some of these sites on the Internet and realize how important astronomy is to us.

If you would like to have your home page added here -and I will add it (please put "Personal Page" in the subject heading).  If you would like to add a link to my home page from yours then you certainly may do so (Just let me know - I get a kick out of seeing links to my page!). If you have trouble with any of the links on this page or discover that a URL has changed then please notify me and I will correct it. Also, if you find a home page that is not appropriate then please notify me and I'll remove it.  I've only had the chance to check out a handful of these sites myself. Thanks for stopping by!

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Len AdamThe Amateur Night Sky
Eric Africa Skies by Africa
Brendan AlexanderDonegal Skies
Tyler Allred Astrophotography with a Astro Systeme Austria ASA N8 astrograph

Howard C. Anderson Astrophotography Images and Information
Rogelio Bernal Andreo Deep Sky Colors
Farmakopoulos AntonisAmateur Astronomy & Astrophotography from Athens, Greece
Theodore ArampatzoglouCosmic Photons Astrophotography - CCD Photography from Athens, Greece

Anthony Ayiomamitis
A Vibrant Universe in Vivid Colour


Nigel A. Ball Astrophotography from the UK

Zdenek Bardon Amateur Astronomer from the Czech Republic

Alessandro Cipolat Bares
Astronomical Imaging

Frank S Barnes TwinOaks Observatory

Mel Bartels
Amateur Telescope Maker

Jean-Christophe Bayart French Astrophotographer

Stefan Beck
Astrophotography with Small Telescopes
Dieter BeerStarhopper - astrophotographer from Austria.

Giovanni Benintende Astronomical Pictures
Rick Beno Conferring with the Sky Observatory - Contains a PlaneWave 24" CDK

Dick Berg
Bright Skies Observatory

Siegfried Bergthal
German Astrophotographer

Massimo Bernardi CCD Imager from Novara, Italy

Richard Berry
Co-author of The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing

Mike Best
Astronomy Lecturer

John Blackwell RegulusAstro
Markus BlauensteinerGeMini-West Observatory
Adam BlockFine Astrophotography

Thorsten Boeckel From Etna to Stromboli, Volcanoes and Astronomy

Tom Boles
Coddenham Astronomical Observatory

Matthias Bopp
Ham Radio and Astronomy

Richard Bosman Astro Fotografie (from the Netherlands)

Jean-Pierre Bousquest
Astrophotographie d'Amateur en Provence
Jack BowenJust Astronomy - solar system imaging with a SkyWatcher Explorer 130mm
Howard H. BowerDevoted to Astro-Imaging in Indiana & Arizona
Ron BrecherAstrodoc - Canadian astrophotographer

Peter Bresseler CCD Imaging by Starlightfriend
Mike Brown Professor of Planetary Astronomy, California Institute of Technology

Fred Bruenjes
Moonglow Observatory

Dan Bruton Stephen F. Austin State University

Dan Bush Missouri Skies


Stefano CancelliAstro Garage
Steve Cannistra Starry Wonders Astrophotography

Tom Carrico CCD and Film Imaging with Refractors

Peter Carson Film and CCD images from the United Kingdom
Fabiomassimo CastelluzzoDigital Stargate
Debra & Peter CervoloEarth & Sky Photography

Ivaldo Cervini AstroPix
Andy ChatmanMaster Darks - Astrophotography from Thailand
David A. ChurchillCave Creek Canyon Observatory, located at Arizona Sky Village
Mario CogoGalax Lux Astrophotography
Jim CollinsMeadow View Observatory

Brian Combs
Through My Looking Glass

Chris Cook Astronomical & Nightscape Photography

Michael Covington Author of Astrophotography for the Amateur
Brian Cox Particle physicist, Host of "Wonders of the Solar System"

Ken Crawford
Rancho Del Sol Observatory

Greg Crinklaw Sky Hound

Russell Croman Dimension Point Astronomical Observatory

Steve Crouch Australian image using a Takahashi Epsilon 180ED


John A. DavisBuckSnort Observatory, near Adamsville, Texas

Rick Deckard Ombre dall'Infinito
Javier de ElíasSmall Astronomical Observatory of Majadahonda

Michael Deger German Astrophotographer using a Vixen GPDX R200SS
Rony De LaetVisual observations of deep-sky objects (with sketches)

Renzo Del Rosso La Fortuna Di Essere Astrofilo

Christophe Demeautis Product tests and review (in French) and Photo Albums

Jeff DeTray Astronomy Boy
Alfons DiepvensComet observations and images

Dominique Dierick The Twilight Zone of Photography

Ann Dittmer Lunar Photography
Mike DoddHidden Creek Observatory in Virginia

Chuck Domaracki
Amateur astronomer from Memphis, Michigan

Paul & Liz Downing
Lewis Duffing Remote observatory with a Meade 8-inch LX200
Fred DuttonLooking Out for Asteroids (fellow Kalamazoo, MI amateur)
Alan DyerThe Amazing Sky



Jan Eliásek Astrofotografie (from the Czech Republic)
Martyn Elliott Astronomy "The Radioactve Way"

Fred Espenak Astro Pixels


Antonis FarmakopoulosAstrophotographer from Athens, Greece
Lóránd FényesHungarian astrophotographer

Bob & Janice Fera Astrophotography

Antonio Fernández
Astrophotographer from Spain
Jaime Fernandez Astronomica - astrophotography from Spain
Andrea FerriItalian astrophotography

Timothy Ferris Well known author and lecturer

Neil Fleming
Astrophotographer from Boston

Michele Franci AstroRiccione

Mike Francis The Starry Messenger - a lecture by Galileo
Bob Franke Focal Pointe Observatory
Pat Freeman Gallery of Astrophotographs

Alan Friedman
Averted Imagination - High resolution solar system imaging

Michael Fulbright
Imaging with GSO 200mm f/4 reflector and TEC 140 APO refractor

Helwig Fülling German Astrophotographer



R. Jay GaBany

Peter Garbett Sharnbrook Observatory
Jerry GardnerThe Constellation Ranch

Daniele Gasparri Observing and Understanding the Universe

Rob Gendler The Universe in Color

Paul Gitto Arcturus Observatory

Andjelko Glivar Astrophotos from Croatia

Christopher Go Astrophotography from Cebu City, Philippines
Don GoldmanAstrodon Imaging
Glenn GravlinAstrophtography from the San Francisco area.

George Greaney Astrophotos taken with 14.5" Ritchey-Chretien and 6" Refractor

Piermario Gualdoni Celestial Wonders

Bud Guinn
Astrophotography with Takahashi Epsilon 180ED
Stéphane Guisard Los Cielos de Chile



Niels Haagh Ganløse Observatorium

Dietmar Hager Stargazer - Private Observatory in Austria

Tony & Daphne Hallas Astrophoto.com
Richard Hammar See the Glory
Terry Hancock Down Under Observatory

David Hanon CCD Imaging with 7" Astro-Physics Refractor

David Harper Obliquity

Phil Harrington Star Ware Home Page

Phil Hart
Regime Change Begins at Home

David Haworth Observational Astronomy
Graeme HayAstronomy from the North Shore Observatory near Kingston Ontario

Per-Magnus Hedén Clear Skies - astrophotography from Sweden
Stuart HeggieFrom the Edge of Town to the Edge of the Universe

Toni Heidemann Astrophotographer living near Grenoble, France

Math Heijen Backyard Astronomy

Helmut Heinicke Lunar, Planetary, & Deep Sky Images from Germany
Thomas HenneDistant Lights Astrophotography
Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn Weather and Sky Photography

Chris Hetlage
Imaging the Cosmos
Frank HolubAstrophotography, telescope buying advice, and related topics

Bob Holzer
Images of the Night Sky

Michael Hoppe Space Traveller
Michael Howell Horizontal Heavens Observatory

Bernhard Hubl Tele Vue NP101 Images from Austria


Marco Iozzi Diario di un turista del Cielo - osservazioni visuali e disegni

R. Scott Ireland
Author of Photoshop Astronomy



Rich Jacobs CCD Astronomy
David JamesFine Art Astronomy from Sweden
Eric JamisonAstronomy, photography and much more
Jim Janusz CCD Images taken with Astro-Physics refractors

Vincent Jaques Sky Shows, Astronomy and Aurora Pictures

Thomas Jäger Der Starhopper

Dawn Jenkins Astra's Star Gate
Jason JenningsCosmic Photos
Jeff JohnsonAstrophotography from Las Cruces, NM
Trevor JonesAstroBackyard
Dave Jurasevich Images of the Universe: A Journey Through Time



Javor Kac Amateur Astrophotographer from Slovenia

Janne Käld Amateur from Finland

Pierre Kaminsky French planetary and deep sky imager using modified ToUcam
Sergio KaminskyMy Astro Science - Imager from Israel

Bert Katzung Astronomy-Images

Bill Keel University of Alabama

Petri Kehusmaa Slope Rock Observatory (in Finland)
Kevin KellStarlight Cascade Observatory outside Yarker Ontario Canada

Warren A. Keller Billions and Billions

Al Kelly CCD Astrophotography

Clay Kessler
Seven Sisters Observatory - Manchester, Michigan
Russell E. King The Astronomy Logs

Dave Kodama Astrophotography with Astro-Physics 155 and Borg 100 ED refractors

Sven Kohle Digital Images of the Sky
Hans W.J. Kolkert Astronomy at the Kolkert Observatory

Michael König astro-images

Carl Koppeschaar Astronet

Kirk Korista Western Michigan University Astronomer

Jorma Koski Finish Amateur Astronomer

Dan Kowall Photon Hunter

Bruno Kowatschik Austrian Astrophotographer
Emil Kraaikamp Webcam Astrophotography

Rick Krejci Excellent astrophotographer from Michigan

Naoyuki Kurita Stellar Scenes
Stefan Kürti Asteroid enthusiast from Slovakia



Marco Langbroek Meteorite collector and asteroid hunter
Erik Larsen DIY Astrophotography

Laurent Laveder Photoastronomique

Pete Lawrence Astrophotography from Selsey, UK

Thierry Legault French Astrophotographer
Emily LevesqueAstronomer at University of Washington, author of The Last Stargzers.
Eric Le MayDeep Space Photography from Ottawa, Canada

Tony Licata Astrophotography with NexStar 11

Gianluca Li Causi Notturni:  Fine Art Gallery of Astronomical Photography

Iñaki Lizaso Astrophotographer from Basque Country
Michael E. LockwoodLockwood Custom Optics; plus many informative articles.

Jerry Lodriguss Astropix
Daniel López El Cielo de Canarias (Amazing images and time-lapse videos)

Marco Lorenzi Glittering Nights
Rodrigo LosadaAstrophotographer in Madrid, Spain

Robert Low
Arrakis Observatory
Jane LubenskyiAstronomy Notebook

Brian Lula Heavens Glory Observatory

Mike Lynch
Lynch and the Stars



Jeffrey A. MacQuarrie Great CCD Images with a Cookbook camera

Eric Madeleine Astrolines

David Makepeace Canadian Eclipse Chaser

Emmanuel Mallart French Astrophotographer

Frédéric Mallmann Oiseau de Nuit

Mark Manner Spot Observatory

Mauro Margaro Fotografia Astronomica

Daniel Marquardt Digital Astroimages
Jim MatzgerAstro La Vista Observatory

Ginger Mayfield
Postcards from Earth and Beyond
David MayhewA collection of sky photography.
Steve MazlinOur Colorful Cosmos

Bruce McClure Monthly astronomy and stargazing articles

Jonathan McDowell Astrophysicist at AXAF Science Center in Cambridge, Mass.

William McLaughlin Images from the Night Sky

Axel Mellinger Physicist and Astrophotographer

Marco Meniero Astrophotography, Landscapes & Weather Photography

Fulvio Mete CCD imaging and spectroscopy from Rome, Italy
Bernard MillerAZSTARMAN - Imaging the Universe
Michael MillerRemarkable Heavens

Jim Misti
Misti Mountain Observatory

Bob Moler Michigan amateur

Rod Mollise Rod does a little bit of everything

Enrico Moltisanti Amateur Astronomer in Turin, Italy

David Montes Stellar Activity, Dept. Astrofisica UCM
Joe MorrisAstrophotography, Amateur Telescope Making & Observatory Construction.

Paul Mortfield Backyard Astronomy

Eric Mouquet
French CCD Imager using a 16" Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope

Josef Mueller Westerwald-Sternwarte Irmtraut

Andreas Murner Strehl Buster

Martin Myslivec Astrofotografie from the Czech Republic



Rod Nabholz
Home Built Astronomy Projects
John Nassr Stardust Observatory (Philippines)

Emil Neata
Weekly information about the night sky, articles and observations

Jack Newton Famous CCD imager and Bed & Breakfast owner
Fabian Neyer Pointing to the Universe
Shawn NielsenVisible Dark - Astronomy & Astrophotography
Tyler NordgrenArtist, Astronomer, and Night Sky Ambassador


Leonardo Orazi Italian astrophotographer imaging with an ATIK 314L camera

David Osborne Astro Images from Wiltshire, UK



Wally Pacholka Dramatic Comet & Meteor desert scenes
Greg Parker The New Forest Observatory

Damian Peach High Resolution Images of the Planets

Jeremy Perez
The Belt of Venus - observing & sketching journal
José Joaquín PérezAstrofotografia Austral - Astrophotography from Chile

Philip Perkins Astrocruise

Chris L Peterson Cloudbait Observatory
Joe PetrickImager living in South Carolina using a 16" SCT on a 1600 GTO mount.

Oliver Pettenpaul
Astro Imaging
Christopher J Picking Starry Night Skies Photography

Greg Piepol Observing the Sun in Hydrogen-Alpha Light

Dick Pierce Space Port

Tony Pilato Dark Star Images

Sam Pitts
Astrophotography with ST-7E and ED200 film
Danilo Pivato Beyond the Moon

Jeffrey L. Polston JeffPo's Universe

Robert Provin Amateur Astronomer and Professor of Geography
Mircea PteancuAmateur telescope maker from Romania.
Martin PughExpert imager with a variety of instruments.



Fred C. Quarnstrom D.D.S.

Keith Quattrocchi Lost Valley Observatory and Astrophotography



Bill Rankin
Astrophotography with NexStar 11, Borg 100ED, and PST

David Ratledge Author of Observing the Caldwell Objects

Pedro Re' CCD Imaging

Robert Reeves
Author of Digital Astrophotography
Steven ReillyAstral Imaging at Dogwood Ridge Observatory
Shaun ReynoldsAstrophotographer living in South Norfolk in the U.K.

Doug Rich Rich Observatory
Steve Richards
The Chanctonbury Observatory

Derek C. Richardson Astronomer at  University of Maryland
Rich Richins Enchanted Skies: Celestial Wonders from New Mexico

Tim Robertson Cometman

Gordon & Margaret Rogers Crendon Observatory

Kirk M. Rogers A Shot in the Dark

Andreas Rörig Astrophotography from Germany
Scott RosenAstronomers Do it in the Dark
Arno RottalFar-Light-Photography

Dean Rowe
CCD images with 12.5" RCOS, plus TMB & Takahashi refractors

Matt Russell
Astronomy Pictures


Piotrek Sadowski Excellent astrophotographer from Poland

Philipp Salzgeber Austrian Astrophotographer

Runar Sandnes Photographer living in Norway

Bruce Sayre An Amateur Telescope Maker's Projects

Johannes Schedler Panther Observatory

Wayne Schmidt
This and That Telescope Making

Chris & Dawn Schur
Deep Space Astrophotography

Stefan Seip

Jeff Setzer
Peter Shah Mirror Image

Ian Sharp astro-sharp

Jim Shields Adventures in Deep Space
Joel ShortBuckeye Stargazer

Michael Sidonio Mount Campbell Observatory - Canberra, Australia

Mike Simonsen Variable star observer
Dustin SmithStar Camp Observatory
Josh SmithCatching the Cosmos
Bill SnyderOperates a remote observatory in the Sierra Nevada Mountians

Olivier "Klipsi" Staiger High Moon

Adam Stuart
OakRidge Observatory
Michael SwartzCalifornia observer using a Plettstone 18" reflector

Alistair Symon Woodlands Observatory



Loke Kun Tan

Don Taylor TheAtomicCafe

Fiorella Terenzi Astrophysicist and Recording Artist

Karel Teuwen CCD-Astro-Photography

Jim Thibert Fort Erie Observatory
Cédric Thomas French astrophotographer; includes observatory construction tips
Jim Thommes "Unconventional Astrophotography" with William Optics refractors

Jeff Thrush Thrush Observatory

Ed Ting Telescope and Accessory Reviews

Joel Tohline Louisiana State University

Ray Tomes Cycles in the Universe

Jose R. Torres
Deep Sky Astronomy

Eddie Trimarchi Tin Shed Observatory

Steve Trotta Pinhead Observatory
Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysicist and Director of Hayden Planetarium



Mike Unsold MLUnsold Digital Imaging (creator of ImagesPlus)


  Fred Vanderhaven Deep Sky Digital Imaging from Sydney, Australia
Andre van der HoevenAstrophotography from the Netherlands

Pieter Vandevelde CCD Imaging from Bruges, Belgium

Albert van Duin Albert's Guide to the Galaxy

Tonny Vanmunster CBA Belgium Observatory
Larry Van VleetRemote imaging with a CDK20 and U16M camera.

George Varros
Astronomical Observations

Chuck Vaughn Astrophotography articles and images
Brian VentrudoOne-Minute Astronomer
John VermetteAstrophotographer from Tucson, Arizona
Michael VlasovDeep-Sky Watch: Astronomical Observing Resources

Aike M. Voelker Astrophotography with C14 and Vixen R200SS

Bruce WaddingtonCold Photons - Astrophotography with a 12.5" PlaneWave CDK
Sara WagerSwagAstro
Jimmy WalkerPro Golfer and Astrophotographer

Paul S. Walsh Imaging with an SBIG ST-7E and Takahashi Sky 90
Herbert WalterSky Pixels - Astrophotography from Austria
Peter WardBarden Ridge Observatory near Sydney, Australia

Jason Ware Galaxy Photography

Manfred Wasshuber

Dennis Webb Arp Galaxies, CCD Imaging, Lecturer
Dieter Willasch Astro-Cabinet

Ted Wolfe
Chris WoodhouseDeep-Sky Astrophotography


Panagiotis Xipteras AstroDigital - Exploring the Shape of te Universe



Seiichi Yoshida
Weekly Information About Bright Comets



Filiberto Cruz Zavaleta Astronomía desde Oaxaca
Frank Zierhut German astrophotographer using an ST-2000XM and Intes MK-67


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